Maker's Mark Distillery


If you are serious about commissioning a unique piece of mosaic art, I am seriously going to make it for you.  

Madcap Mosaics

Maryhurst Donor Appreciation Wall

Custom Glass Mosaic Art

Commercial and Residential

Created at the Madcap Mosaics studio in Louisville, KY, and installed at your location

These two 7' by 9' glass mosaic walls were commissioned by Maker's Mark for the new visitor center at their distillery in Loretto, KY.  These original designs created by madcap artist Tracy Pennington were installed in June 2015.  The center of each wall has a 3D element built into the design. The walls were created on 26 panels in her studio and transported to Loretto for installation and completion.  The mosaics are made entirely of glass tile, and no tile is larger than 1.5 inches, with the vast majority of the tiles being less than half an inch.  The intricate patterns necessitated many tile cuts, all cut by hand by Tracy and smoothed with a glass grinder. Approximately 90% of the glass tile used is recycled glass tile.

Madcap Mosaics

Custom Kitchen Floor