Why choose a mosaic mural?

Mosaic is universally appealing:
-Vibrantly colorful
-Vast assortment of sizes and shapes add interest
-Differences in texture and height of pieces add interest
-Enjoyed by people of all ages
-Intrinsic "wow" factor
-Experiential and touchable

Mosaic is incredibly durable:
-cleans easily
-Colors do not fade over time
-Nearly vandal proof
-Retains clarity 
-Requires little maintenance

Mosaic benefits communities:
-Promotes community pride
-Inspires people 
-Becomes part of the history of the community
-Leaves a memorable, positive impression

Every time I see public art, I feel something…something positive and powerful.  

Public art holds intrinsic value as an expression of beauty and human creativity. Throughout history, it has intrigued its viewers.  Public art can inspire awe, and embodies a certain energy surrounding it that draws us in.  It evokes thoughts and emotions, and illuminates our inner lives. It can challenge those who encounter it to think differently about the world.

Public art is good for communities. It adds beauty and declares the worth of a place. It connects people as a community in shared identity and experience. It fosters a sense of local pride. Public art can also boost a community's local economy.  It has also been suggested that the presence of local art can even reduce crime!

Public art does the public good. There are indications that it improves physical and mental health.  Case studies suggest that public art makes people happier. It has the power to make people smile.  They take pictures in front of it.  They tell friends about it.  It is a needed novelty in the hustle and bustle of everyday.

Public art has the distinct ability to commemorate and celebrate the things we value as people. It is powerful in its ability to show the world as it is, and more importantly, as it can be.

My contributions to the body of public art are in the form of mosaic murals. In addition to the benefits of public art in general, murals in particular have been shown to be an investment in the local business economy. A 2009 report on Philadelphia’s commercial corridors by Econoconsult demonstrated “some indication of a positive correlation” between the presence of murals and shopping corridor success.

Mosaic murals are a particularly appealing form of public art.  Mosaic tile installations have an outstanding record of durability and performance dating back thousands of years, making it a very cost efficient art form.  A mosaic mural will last the life of the structure it is installed on, if not longer.  And even 2,000 years later, many mosaics still look exactly as the artist intended.  

Mosaic has long touched the hearts of people, so much so that people still flock to see the mosaics of old.  We surround ourselves with mosaic today, intrigued by the versatility of movement, emotion and thought meticulously conveyed in tiny pieces of glass and ceramic. 

I want to be a part of the public art presence that so impacts the lives of people, most of them never even knowing they are being impacted.  This is the wonderful way art works, uplifting those who come in contact with it.  Making art is a great opportunity to change the way people experience the world.  Through the making of mosaic murals, I hope to contribute to that change.

Madcap Mosaics